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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honorary Doctorate?

Honorary Doctorate Degrees are awarded for recognizing  distinguished contribution by reputed experts in their field. Honorary Doctorate Degrees are superior compared to academic degree, because they are earned from prestigious contribution, which sets standards for others to follow. Because of well established contribution of Legends, Honorary Degree do not require the candidate to complete course work, and course duration like in academic degree. Indeed, Honorary Degree is ‘honor’, the best a candidate can be recognized! Examples of Honorary Degree are Doctor of Social Work, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Humanity, Doctor of Literature.

Honorary Doctorate degree is not an academic degree. In any way, Honorary degree does not form part of qualification of candidate. Other hand academic degree constitutes the qualification of candidates. Despite of this often celebrities with honorary degree gain multi fold higher popularity than candidates equipped with academic degree. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Sportsperson, Celebrities, Scientists, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassador, Chief Justice, Diplomats and Artists are among most beneficiaries of Honorary doctorates. In many countries of world sometimes in conferences and meetings of delegates, the word ‘Professor’ is used to address ‘respectable person’ in honorary nature, even while they do not hold minimum qualification as may be prescribed in academics (e.g. PhD + experience of certain years ). ‘My Lord ‘ is also ‘honorary degree’, which is sometimes referred to address Judge, although he/she is not ‘God’, here the word ‘degree’ never represents ‘academic degree’. Here honorary degree is way to pay respect to judge; a learned person who distinguishes between good & bad due to his/her intelligence

Yes. One can legally prefix Dr.’ to their name as it is honoured by the University which has powers in its ambit. For example: Dr. Nixon Joseph Phd (hc)

‘hc’ stands for Honoris Causa means ‘For the sake of Honor’

Yes. The Universities we represent are recognized in their respective countries or International level where it is chartered. They are legally constituted. Its accepted Globally.

As a matter of fact, the University Grants Commission is a funding agency and it do not have control over International Universities. In India foreign degrees are evaluated by the Association of Indian Universities, India but they are not evaluating PhD level International University degrees at present. Oxfaa University do not came under the purview of UGC or any statutory body. Oxfaa University didn’t conduct UG or PG Courses. Oxfaa offered Online Courses, Skills Development Vocational Courses and Honorary Doctorate Awards.

The Nomination/Processing fee is to be paid to the University to cover the administration cost, the celebration cost, and also to fund the research department of the University. Oxfaa Foundation conduct so many online courses & Skill Development Vocational Courses completely free of cost. So we collect Honorary Doctorate fee as a charity fund.

You can email your filled Honorary Doctorate Application, CV or your profile or share your linkedin profile so as to get the approval from the University for Honorary Doctorate award. Our Gmail id : Online or Offline Applications are available.After we receive your CV or profile, We will take the approval from the Honorary Doctorate Degrees Committee.

1) Use in biographical sketches

The name of the degree may be written out in full for biographical sketches.

• Doctor of Letters, honoris causa

• Doctor of Science, honoris causa

• Doctor of Laws, honoris causa



• Praveen Mishra was awarded a Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from the Oxfaa University


2) Abbreviation of degree to follow name

• Doctor of Letters: DLT.,

• Doctor of Science: DSC.,

• Doctor of Laws: DLW.,

• Doctor of Social Works : DSW.,


Example: Praveen Mishra, DSW.,

Note: The honorary degree should be the last thing noted if other degrees or honorifics are also listed.

Example: Praveen Mishra, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., DSW.,

Note: Less common but also acceptable, the abbreviation “h.c.” for honoris causa may be included following the degree if so wished. Please note italics should be used for the abbreviation to indicate it is a language other than English (Latin.)

Example: Praveen Mishra, DSW., h.c.

3) Addressing an honorary degree recipient

In situations such as formal correspondence, biographical sketches or formal introductions at a podium, the university who has awarded the honorary degree may address the honorary degree recipient as “doctor.” It is not appropriate for the recipient or others outside of the university to use this title.


• Dear Dr. Praveen Mishra:

“Praveen Mishra was awarded a Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, from the oxfaa University Dr. Praveen Mishra has been a very active contributor to the OBC community through her many volunteer roles.

It is my great pleasure to invite Dr. Praveen Mishra to say a few words “

No. It is a physical certificate

Yes, our honorary degrees bear the date of award (the date on which you requested your honorary degree). If you prefer that your degree is not dated, please mails us. Please note that whether or not the certificate is dated has no bearing on its validity.

Yes. We give online verification . There is Link available in our official website