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    • Provide a ‘big vision’ framework for development partnerships and research projects
    • Make the university a leader in researching, developing, and implementing new technologies such that we can provide guidance to both the business community and other educational institutions
    • Prepare students for the information age by ensuring that all students have thoroughly integrated information technology as a major support skill in their chosen field of endeavour.
    • Enhance the teaching of “critical thinking” skills by ensuring that the arts and humanities graduates can augment their critical thinking skills by their mastery of relevant technological skills.
    • Take a leadership role in the ethical and appropriate use of technology
    • Become a leader in our community by reducing paper consumption, energy consumption, and traffic congestion
Why Learn
Why Learn
Know our


    • Oxfaa University is an online network university whose mission is to provide education for sustainable development. It is particularly designed to meet the educational needs of the developing world.
    • Master-level courses specifically intended to raise students’ sensitivity to, and involvement in, finding solutions for environment and development problems, are being designed. These courses aim to enhance the capacities of students to understand the potential and the limits of the environment and foster ethical awareness, values and attitudes, skills, and behaviour needed for sustainable utilisation of human and natural resources. Focused on supporting students and teachers in developing countries, these courses are developed in cooperation with an international network of cooperating universities and experienced faculties and will be accessible online.