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Oxfaa University is a non Academic university founded and designed in the digital age, for the digital age.

In the age of rapid growth of the Internet, the University was established to enhance the skills of educated and uneducated youth around the world, to create multiple jobs, and to bring home the training classes of the world’s foremost professors from various disciplines to ensure that quality education is available to all.

It is designed to promote formal and informal learning, to transform the form of distance education into a new digital form, and to provide free online education to underprivileged students from around the world.

The university has formulated policies to work with the culture, distance and the increasing number of students across the borders of the countries to enhance the technical knowledge of the working graduates.

Oxfaa University an Independent & Autonomous University Established by Oxfaa Foundation and globally recognized. Oxfaa University aims to grant global access to quality Online Virtual Courses & Vocational Education Courses for students. Our university is committed to spreading beneficial knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit not only individual students but also empower entire communities. Oxfaa University aims to collaborate with International Standard online education organizations to offer specialized educational content on our platforms.

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